"Sugar Lime Blue stretch the music in their songs, rolling the instruments around to create a stew of sounds rather than a jam, letting the natural rhythms of the tracks echo as a trance in their playing." - The Alternate Root

Sugar Lime Blue is redefining Americana, drawing from the 3 main American stylings of Jazz, Blues and Country, to create a purely unique sound.  Fans of Classic Rock, Blues, and Traditional Country can all find commonality in Sugar Lime Blue.  Pull up a chair, lend an ear and get lost in the smooth grooves, winding musical passages and lilting vocals that is Sugar Lime Blue.   


Sugar Lime Blue @ Nantahala Brewery

Nantahala Brewery, Sylva, NC

"This is a very well performed album. It’s one of those albums that can be appreciated by a lot of fans who normally do not even listen much to this genre of music. And that’s proof to the quality here." Melodic.Net(Narcoluptuous Review)


Sugar Lime Blue @ Chevelle's

Chevelle's, Murphy, NC

"So uniquely different, that I am literally having trouble describing their style. Yet, this is a beautiful thing! It is beautiful in the sense that it is incredibly refreshing." - Your Guide To Nashville


Sugar Lime Blue @ Barley's Taproom

Barley's Taproom, Knoxville, TN

“...like a step back in time to the days when mainstream music was painted by rock royalty.....a bullseye with its unshakable sound without an expiration date.”
— Murfreesboro Pulse,

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